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Losing weight is hard! Everyone has their own way of losing the winter bulge; there are a few things to remember in your personal regimen. Attitude is everything! If you tell yourself you are only working out until you lose the weight, it will never stay off. To keep the weight off, remember to stick with it and be consistent. Eating habits must change too. Substitute your burger for a nice salad, and limit the dressing. Spend time planning meals and research the nutritional value of those meals. Put yourself on a daily routine, the weight will not come off over night, but give it time. Stick with it! Once it is off, it will stay off!

Get something for your Referrals!!!

Community Foot Care values our patients; we also value your referrals. To show our patients how much we value your referrals, we are giving away Lottery Tickets. When you refer a patient be sure to have them tell us that you referred them. Patients should be sure that their information is current, because you will receive a Lottery Ticket in the mail. We will send you a lottery ticket for every patient referred. For every 5th patient referred, we will send a gift card. • All patients must be seen in the office to be considered a referral. • All patients must mention the name of the person who referred them (if you have a popular name, e.g. John Smith, be sure your friends know what street you live on or your middle initial) when they call. Remember to refer all your friends and family and we will send you free gifts just for your word of mouth!