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The Ugly Truth About Uggs

Buyers beware – the trendy Ugg brand sheepskin boots and their generic counterparts may be hurting your feet! While they may look soft and cuddly, studies have shown that the slipping and sliding going on inside the boots combined with the limited arch support they provide is putting unnecessary strain on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. The makers of Ugg boots maintain that their boots provide more support than the knockoff variety, but many experts see no real difference between the two. If you want to continue to wear the popular boot, Dr. Allen Guehl, a Dayton-area podiatrist recommends that you do so sparingly and when you aren’t going to be doing a lot of activity. They aren’t the type of boots you want to be wearing if you are walking or standing all day. You may also want to add supportive insoles to help cushion your feet and provide more support, which can be custom made orthotics fitted for you in our office, or over-the-counter drugstore insoles.