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Laser Fungal Treatment.. Is it a good thing?

Laser fungal treatment is a new treatment on the market, it has not been approved by the FDA. This procedure is considered experimental at this point and is not being covered by insurance companies. We found several sources that say there are no guarantees that this treatment will work; however, there are no guarantees on other fungal treatments either. Laser fungal treatment takes about 10 minutes a toe and is most effective on healthy skin and nail beds. People who do not have healthy skin and nail beds are not advised to try the treatment. There is a very high charge for laser treatment, this one is no exception. Charges amount to $200 - $ 500 for the laser. This price does not include many additional charges including a standard $50 treatment fee. Unlike with pill treatments this procedure has a higher rate of failure and is often paid for and performed several times. Talk to a podiatrist to see which treatment is right for you. Fungus is curable in most cases, so talk to your

Helping 'Feet'

At Community Foot Care we believe in giving back. To help the community we are having a Toys for Tots drive and several Canned Food drives. These events will take place during the whole month of November in ALL of our offices. The Toys for Tots bins are in all the offices; however Toys for Tots only accepts new toys that are still in the package or have the tags still on them. As we have no other use for the toys we ask that all parties interested adhere to the Marine Toys for Tots regulations. Food Pantry bins will also be placed in all locations to ensure all our patients are able to participate. Local food pantries are in need of canned foods and all other non-perishable food products, such as macaroni & cheese, cereal, peanut butter, and bottled juices. At Community Foot Care we believe that helping the community is a way to give back for all the support we have received through out the years. Please help us in our efforts to help in any way possible. For more informat