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PROTECTING YOUR FEET AS COLD WEATHER APPROACHES As colder weather approaches, protecting your feet is important and should not be ignored. It does not take freezing temperatures to cause cold injury to your feet. Mild brief exposure to the cold temperatures can cause foot related problems. Overexposure to cool, damp conditions can cause foot symptoms as well. Several factors contribute to increased risk for cold-related injuries which include: ·          Inadequate protective gear: not wearing appropriate shoe gear. ·          Smoking: nicotine affects constriction of blood vessels which alter flow to your feet. ·          Alcohol use: one of the most common factors to cold injuries as alcohol dilates blood vessels which increase heat loss in the body. Also, if alcohol is consumed chronically it can cause decreased feeling in your feet. ·          Excess sweating: moisture increases heat loss. Tips to protecting your feet from cold related injury include: ·