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What's the Difference?

What's the difference between a sprain and a strain? Most people use strain and sprain interchangebly, however, they are very different conditions. A sprain is an injury to a ligament: the tough fibrous band of tissue that connects bone to bone. A sprain is caused when a ligament is stretched too far and torn. Where a strain is a painful stretching of a muscle or tendon. Symptoms for both conditions may vary, most will result in pain, swelling, or bruising. Aching pain in the heel or ball of the foot could mean you have a strain. Strains are often caused by spending a lot of time on the feet, in shoes that offer poor suppport, people who are over-weight or wear high heels are also at risk for strains. Ankle sprains occur very quickly, during sports or in motion, most commonly seen when the foot twist in an awkward manner. For both conditions you should see a podiatrist to make sure the pain is not a sign of what could be a serious condition. More than 50% of people who do not

Big News at Community Foot Care

During the month of August Community Foot Care will be expanding, with TWO new Doctors. Dr Adam Thomas will be taking patients during the whole month of August, and Dr. Ericka Penn will join August 17th for patient care. Dr. Thomas has finished his residency with Ohio State University and will bring current, cutting edge treatment options to the greater Dayton area. He is from Zanesville area and is looking forward to working in the Springfield area where his wife Jennifer Trinidad, also a podiatrist, was raised. Dr. Penn is a graduate of Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, she is joining from private practice in Cincinnati. Dr. Penn is an experienced podiatrist and surgeon who is eager to join the team and build relationships with her new patients.

Back to school and your feet

As the summer gets hotter and school is back in session, our feet are relied on for many things: walking, running, most importantly sports! That's right, it is the beginning of sports season, baseball is in full swing, football is beginning, and track will soon be here and gone. As sports begin so dones school, all the book bags, and back aches will soon return. During these hectic times there is a great solution to save your poor, painful feet. JM Orthotics have come out with an exclusive product to help with different foot problems. JM Orthotics offers a full line of custom molded orthotics to save your feet during these hectic times. Benefits of these orthotics: Reduces heel and arch pain. Reduces back and all over pain. Increases stamina and relieves pressure of feet. JM Orthotics are heat molded to fit your feet right in the office. There is no wait like with other brands. JM Orthotics are lighter yet more durable than other more expensive brands. JM Orthotics offers many prod