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Should I believe the Orthotic Commercials?

Watching tv early Sunday morning, I saw an infomercial for the orthotics with the interchangeable heel piece so each person can adjust their insert to their foot. Later on, I saw a similar ad for a hi-tech computer force plate that you simply stand on in a pharmacy, and a computer will tell you what number insert you should buy for your feet from their store. The bottom line is, “what will make my feet feel better?” For the person seeking relief from foot pain for the first time, I do not discourage trying one of these alternatives to traditional orthotics from your podiatrist. It is human nature to try the easy route before finally breaking down, months after the onset of pain when it becomes unbearable to work even for a few hours, and schedule an appointment to see a foot doctor. Sometimes, the problem is simple and can be relieved for a while by a plastic insert that you can buy from a pharmacy shelf. Other times, the right decision is to schedule an appointment with a traine
When to Replace Shoes? From the mother of the 10 year old engaging constantly in active play, to the 80 year old diabetic patient who is largely inactive to the runner who runs 70 miles each week, everyone wants to know when they should purchase a new pair of shoes. We all know that shoes do not last forever. Most people, however, continue to wear them well after their useful life has ended. Most commonly in my office I'll have people tell me that their shoes are three years old BUT (insert excuse here...). Some of my favorites, it fits my feet perfectly (meaning it's broken down), the heel is worn out just how I like it (meaning it has a hole inside the shoe), new shoes just bother me (meaning that I've worn these for so long, the support is too different at this point), and my favorite: They still look new. Yes, they still look new. When all you do is run on the treadmill, use the elliptical, and some stationary bike, and your shoes never see the light of day, of cour