Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving to Electronic Medical Records

by Dr. Allen C. Guehl

Regardless of your opinion on health care reform and whether the U.S. will be able to convert all medical records into the electronic format by the 2014 deadline, there is no denying that in this technological age, movement toward electronic medical records is all but certain.

Community Foot Specialists wants to be a step ahead of all other Dayton Ohio podiatrists in terms of electronic medical records. We are already well on our way to achieving compliance ahead of the 2014 deadline.

So what does the shift to electronic medical records mean for our patients? Even if you are just visiting us for heel pain or ingrown nails, we will be asking all patients for updated allergy information, including information on the severity and type of allergic reaction you may experience. We will also be asking for your email address, so that you can also have access to your electronic medical records if you choose to. Electronic medical records will also allow us to send your prescriptions directly to your pharmacy, which we hope will be an added convenience for you. Although we will only be treating your feet, electronic medical records will also allow us to communicate your plan of care to your family doctor to help streamline your overall care.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we transition. We are hopeful that this change to electronic medical records will be beneficial for all of our patients and for us as your doctors. If you have any questions or concerns about electronic medical records, please let us know. Your privacy and health information is very important to us, and we take your concerns very seriously. Thank you.


Ash said...

There are tools available, such as Scrypt, that can help with the transition to EMR by scanning and digitizng patient records and archiving and protecting them from disaster in a secure archive.

Patricia Parker said...

EMC is kind of a very helpful way to store records. Nice to know more benefits about them. Nice sharing and keep posting.
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James said...

Looks like good news, don’t you think? Even the smallest detail can be documented and will not be overlooked. It would improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. Patients can also have a bigger part in their health care – they can always be updated about their health’s condition by simply accessing their electronic records online. Also, this can help improve the accuracy of each doctor’s diagnosis.

James Guertin

Eric Jackson said...