Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween and the Affects for Diabetics

Halloween is especially hard on people with diabetes, and border line diabetes. For some border line diabetics Halloween and the holidays are prime time for full diabetes to strike. This is because weight gain is very hard on the body, diabetics already have sugar problems, and Halloween candy makes sugar levels elevate frequently.
Over 20 million Americans suffer from diabetes so we have some tips to get through Halloween safely:

1. Put extra effort into dressing up, then candy is the least of your worries!
2. Take dressing up even farther and have a party!
3. Go haunted housing, on a hay ride, or have a bonfire; all these will keep you moving!
4. Trade the candy for healthy treats, if a child is diabetic let them go Trick or Treating, but trade the candy for other gifts or even money!
5. Diabetics can have sweets, just keep sugar checking supplies handy, and check your sugar often.
6. Get extra exercise to account for sugar and carb intake.
7. Separate all candy into groups, freeze what you can and use it to treat low blood sugar throughout the year.
• Remember: Chocolate is not effective in treating low blood sugar, so stick to hard candy or sugar powder treats for a quick sugar boost.

Halloween and the holidays are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year”, why ruin them with frequent sugar highs and lows, keep the diet even through the holidays, and keep exercising!