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Make Sure Wedded Bliss Doesn't Spell Agony for Your Feet

Are you taking a walk down the aisle anytime soon? Invited to a wedding where you plan to dance all night? Make sure you say “I do” to wearing appropriate foot wear for the occasion – and your feet will thank you.

If you are the one making the trip down the aisle, don’t make your shoes your ‘something new’ for the day. Take some time to break in new shoes prior to your wedding day. Wear them around for the length of time you would be wearing them on that particular day to put them to the comfort test (and acclimate your feet to them). If they are not comfortable enough to wear for as long as you would want them to, you may want to consider getting two pairs – one fancier pair to make it through the ceremony and formal photos, and another more comfortable pair to kick up your heels in at your reception. Flip flops tend to be a popular reception shoe, but most do not provide much in terms of support. And if you are wearing a long gown, flip flops might prove a tripping hazard.

Also, if you are the bride, you may want to suggest that your bridesmaids change into more comfy shoes at the reception so you will have more company on the dance floor as you dance the night away.

If you are a guest to a friend or family member’s nuptials, do not overlook comfort when selecting your footwear – particularly if you plan to join the bride and groom on the dance floor for much of the evening. There are numerous styles of formal footwear that you could choose that would provide both the necessary support and the welcome comfort to ensure that your feet will be feelin’ fine.


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Seth Ashford said…
This is great advice for anyone who wants to look great and also keep their feet happy during a formal event. My wife has come home from parties before with blisters on her feet because she wore a brand new pair of shoes all night. Fortunately she doesn't make that mistake anymore- I would not want her to end up with foot problems due to poor footwear.
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